Secretary General

Malin administrates our economic and human resources and functions as secretary for the board. She is an incurable christmas enthusiast who is convinced that coffee makes everything better. She is an active scout who loves the outdoors and cleaning.

You can contact the secretary general about:
  • Jobs at Swedish Youth of Finland
  • The organisations economy
  • Questions about what we do here
Political Officer, Organisation

Linnéa is in charge of organisational matters at the office, and of our organisation's educational policies. She spends her free time mostly writing songs, singing and playing the piano. Besides working at SU, Linnéa sings in the Academic Female Voice Choir Lyran and functions as the choir's vice conductor.

You can contact Linnéa about:
  • Personal information changes and membership
  • Cooperation with schools and student organisations
  • Our organisation's seminars
Jannika Emaus
Political Officer, Varsinais-Suomi

Jannika is in charge of the activities in Varsinais-Suomi. She is a self-appointed Mario Cart master, and loves indoors activities such as sleeping, eating and reading.

You can contact Jannika about:
  • The activites in Varsinais-Suomi
Political Officer, Helsinki and other Finland

Kristiane is in charge of activities in Helsinki and Other Finland, and acts as the secretary for the International Committee. In her free time, Kristiane coaches juniors in track & field ,enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, a good cup of coffee and practicing yoga.

You can contact Kristiane about:
  • Activities in Helsinki
  • Activities in Other Finland
  • The International Committee
Communications Officer, Editor-in-Chief of Liber

Linn is in charge of our communication and is editor-in-chief for the political magazine Liber. Linn spends her time scrolling TikTok, making and eating pasta and is always up for a game of Maxi Yatzee

You can contact Linn about:
  • Writing for Liber
  • Press releases and media contact
  • Social media and website
Graphic Designer

Marie is in charge of our visual profile and the layout of our member magazine. She has a soft spot in her heart for houseplants and philosophy.

You can contact Marie about:
  • Graphic manuals
  • Photo archive
  • Printed products
Project coordinator

Eddie is in charge of the debating project, which is organised together with the Swedish-speaking School-student Union of Finland. He enjoys long-distance running and reading.

Eddie can be contacted in matters concerning:
  • Debating workshops (Debattforum)
  • The debating contest (Debattävlingen)
Lina Sjöskog
Political officer, Ostrobothnia
Lina is in charge of the activities in Ostrobothnia. During the mushroom season, she spends her time in the forest, but gardening, books and a really sweaty workout are also part of her everyday life. Lina recharges her energy & joy of life with family, friends & her two dogs. You can contact Lina about: The activites in Ostrobothnia.

If you are unsure who your matter concerns you can always email the address!


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